The Mara Count, 2002. The count that counts.


Why Count?

We have several reasons for counting wildlife in the Mara ecosystem at a fine resolution:

1. We want to put high quality scientific information into the hands of pastoral communities, land managers, tourism businesses, tourists, and policy makers in a form that is useful and promotes communication and discussion.

2. We must know how many people, wildlife and livestock are in the system and where they are so that we will know when major changes are happening.

3. We know very little about the interactions between people, livestock and wildlife. Collecting fine resolution information across the ecosystem will help us understand when people and livestock are compatible with wildlife and when they are not. We will also understand what species are tolerant of people and what species are not.

4. With all this information in hand, we all can make better decisions on how to interact with wildlife.

5. We want to bring together most of the people who live and work in the ecosystem into one team, who collect this count information, discuss it and learn from it.

6. We hope to accelerate efforst to improve the livelihoods of pastoral peoples and to conserve wildlife in the Mara ecosystem.


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