The Mara Count, 2002. The count that counts.


Mara Count 2002 Supporters.

Overall count sponsors:
Rainy family, Campfire Conservation, Narok County Council, Mara Wildlife Trusts, Koyiaki Group Ranch, Ol Kinyei Group Ranch, and the International Livestock Research Institute.

Vehicle sponsors:
Bike Treks Ltd, Mara Conservancy, Mrigesh Kshatriya, Wildlife Works, Abercrombie and Kent, Grant & Cameron, Campfire Conservation Ltd, African Conservation Centre, Sirata Sirua Ltd, Swara Plains Corp, Amara Ltd, Kobo Safaris, Friends of Conservation, Anne Kent Taylor Foundation, Anne Kent Taylor International, International Livestock Research Institute, Vuorio/Mikkonen, World Wide Fund for Nature, Explore Mara, Jeff & Jessica Worden, Russ Kruska, Robin Reid, Cathy Wilson, Basecamp.

Local Maasai counters were from:
Mara Conservancy, Koyiaki Group Ranch, Ol Kinyei Group Ranch, NCC Reserve, and Ol Chorro Orowa Group Ranch.

Special teams:
Mechanics team: Josphat Sananka, Kuna

Roving technical and public awareness team:
Peter Narori, Russ Kruska and Susan MacMillan

Stationary technical team:
Jawoo Koo, John Owuor and Leah Ng'ang'a

Flying teams:
Tristan Voorspuy and Jeff Worden (water resources); Richard Lamprey (forest resources); Kenya Wildlife Service (Total counts of elephants, giraffe, eland and buffalo); National Environment Management Authority (Systematic reconnaissance count of wildlife, livestock and people, 5 x 5 km broad resolution)

Filming team:
Rob and Sarah O'Meara

Nairobi support team:
Lucille Kirori, Mohammed Baya, Tom Ouna

GIS and statistical analysis and writing teams:
Meshak Nyabenge, Leah N'gan’ga, John Owuor, Russ Kruska, Joseph Ogutu, Jeff Worden, Mike Rainy, Mrigesh Kshatriya and Robin Reid

International news coverage:
Chris Tomlinson (Associated Press)

Science sponsor:
Carlos Seré, David Taylor, Bruce Scott, Bill Thorpe, Getachew Engida, Susan Dewey and Ralph von Kauffman of ILRI's senior management team for their enthusiastic support of this effort.

Count practice sponsor:
Game Ranching Ltd.

Accommodation contributors:
Ker and Downey Safaris Ltd
Heritage Hotels (Mara Intrepids and Voyagers)
Conservation Corporation (Kichwa Tembo)
Serena Hotels
Mara River Lodge
Kenya Wildlife Service
Fig Tree Lodge

Cash contributors:
ILRI, Transworld, Friends of Conservation (Helen Gibbons), Bush Homes, Patti Kristjanson, Bateleur Safaris, Anthony Cheffings, World Wide Fund for Nature, Robin Hurt Safaris

Fuel contributor:
Governor's Camp

T-shirt contributors:
Susan Macmillan, Russ Kruska, and John Edwards

Website development:
Web Fundi Ltd and Ian Gray.

Engineering contributors:
William Anyika, Amos Ndegwa and Francis Icharia

Communications sponsors:
Mike & Judy Rainy from Sirata Sirua, Explore Mara Ltd., Ol Kanjau Tented Camp, Amboseli, Ololepo Ltd (Ololepo Landowners Wildlife Conservation Co. Ltd.)
Radio installation: Phil Tilley of High Plains Engineering.

Software and hardware sponsors:
International Livestock Research Institute, and reduced rates on mapping software purchases (ArcView, ArcInfo and ArcPad) from the Environmental Systrems and Resources Institute (ESRI), Redlands, Carlifornia.

Michael McCartney, Kamau Kimani, Mike Rainy, Judy Rainy, Jeff Worden and Robin Reid

Follow-up research contributors:
Misono Restuarant

And, of course, our tough and good-humoured counting teams


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